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About Academies

The Academies


Their are four academies that focus on specific professional industries:

Academy Events

Academy Graduation/ Annual Meeting - June 7 '23

In addition to the NBHS graduation, the Academies Graduation allows community partners to come help celebrate the success of Academy students specifically.

Interview Day - March 29 '23

This will be the second mock interviews event, consisting of the same things as the first one. This will be for Academy juniors.

Career Fair - April 19 '23

Community Partners are asked to set up vendor tables, where students can explore different companies and future careers.

Mock Interviews - Dec 14 '22

This event gives Academy students the opportunity to practice interviewing skills with industry professionals and leaders. This will be for Academy seniors.

The NBHS Academies

Within each academy, there are specific pathways towards particular careers and focuses. Requirements for completing each pathway include:

  • Four (4) elective courses specific to each academy.

  • Participation in the annual "Mock Interviews" - which introduce junior and seniors to professional interview practice.

  • Completion of 120 hours in a compensated approved internship in area of study.

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Student Testimonials

The Impact, and Where They Are Now

Tahjae Barrett
Tahjae Barrett
Owner of Set On Fire Marketing | UHART Alumna
NBHS Academies Advisory Board Secretary
AOBF Alumni, Class of 2017
My entire high school career wouldn't have been the same without the impact of programs like the Academy of Business & Finance. I learned so much valuable information as far as the field I would later enter, and skills in the areas of personal finance, career professionalism, and LIFE that put me ahead once I got to college and entered the workforce. All of the coursework, amazing guest speakers, internship opportunities, and dedicated teachers and WBL staff are what made me realize I could do anything I set my mind to.

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